The International  Convention "I Monumentali" will take place at the prestigious complex of Villa Ponti, a  conference center in Varese surrounded by an historical garden full of monumental trees.
The meeting will be held on 22 and 23 November, free participation and free admission prior registration and simultaneous translation upon request  at payment are provided.
The daily program will be full and quite rich, with four conference sessions held by leading  speakers of the arboriculture’s kingdom and leading experts of monumental trees.
The first part of the Congress "The culture and philosophy of the Monumentali" will have a cultural approach and there will come on stage, among others,  Francesco Decembrini, a world famous renowned landscape artist, Tiziano Fratus, homo radix, the tree seeker  constantly looking  for monumental trees and Ted Green,  a myth for nature lovers, Member of the British Empire’s Order and founder of the English "Veteran Tree Association", a true guru in the field.
The first day ends with the second session, "The Monumentali  in the world," which hosts speakers from different parts of the world: starting from Italy with Michele Cirulli, President of SIA, and ending up in Australia, with Nick Rivett, Shigo’s  pupil, going also through Norway with Glean Read and Poland with Marek Siewniak, professor at the University of Brno. Each of these speakers will bring their experience based on years and years of work in this sector: it will be funny and useful to find out the different ways  to approach the trees in the whole world!
The second day will instead be more technical: we will discuss about the biology and anatomy of trees and about the correct approach that every technician should have. The first speaker will be Francis Schwarze, EMPA’s Director and lecturer at the University of Freiburg, one of the leading experts of the relationship between plants and fungus,  followed by Lothar Wessolly, inventor of the SIM and SIA methods for the evaluation of tree stability. The session will be ended by the english Neville Fay, President of Ancient Tree Forum, talking about  the special care to the Monumentali and Daniele Zanzi with a report on the progress made by modern arboriculture in the recent decades.
The last closing session of the conference "Census to know," will see first of all the team Pro Arbora presenting the technical results of the project’s census. Two very experienced figures  in the survey and the census will follow with their speeches: Laura Mendiburu, agronomist of Madrid and Jaroslav Kolarik, who will present an innovative program for the census.
The Conference will be closed by Marcellina Bertolinelli, CONAF adviser, focusing on the task of agronomists and forestry in the preservation of heritage trees.
In addition, workshops are provided free of charge, as the study of the ”piantone” of Varese: a centenary cedar tree in the heart of the city which has some problems ... the floor to the experts!
The program also includes guided tours of the routes studied in the project Pro Arbora, art exhibitions, concerts, land art installations ... everything to make it greener  for a few days in the city of Varese!

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