Planned activities

Census and cataloging of urban parks and valuable plants

For each public or private urban park,  botanical garden, historical garden, alpine garden and whatever else the following will be detected: time of construction, property, references for contacts, access mode, visits schedule, usability, conservation status (survey of maintenance needs), vegetation composition in accordance with Blancquet Braun method, presence of valuable plants, facilities (such as greenhouses, winter gardens, garages, amenities, etc.) and photographic documentation.
For each valuable plant a file with the following elements will be drawn up: location on the map, report of botanical information, local name, survey of dendrometric sizes, account of health and stability state, other special information, documentation.

Realization of a cartography

The data collected by the census will be stored on paper and digital cartography. Thematic maps, territorial maps and special reporting of specific specimens and veteran trees will be made.
The setup of the cartography is prior to the implementation of the parks and botanical gardens itineraries and the realization of the Slow Botanic Tourism circuit.

Retrieval of the Gardening School arboretus of Canton Ticino in Mezzana

The activity will be organized and implemented entirely by the partner Jardin Suisse and will consist in designing actions for the recovery of the historical arboretus of the Cantonal Agricultural Institute - Mezzana (Ticino) and the execution of the interventions. Many valuable tree species live in the arboretus but it is in a state of partial degradation and therefore an extraordinary maintenance is required. The purpose of this activity is to improve the Mezzana’s arboretus making it available for  the cantonal training system; the arboretum will also be included in the botanical gardens itineraries of this project.

Dissemination and capitalization of results

There will be two conferences: a start up one and another at the end in order to inform the participants as well the community on the good practices identified and the results achieved.
Within the project the mark of quality Slow Botanic Tourism will be set up; its aim will be to strengthen the image of rural areas favoring the interest of tourists. The brand is an important tool for the protection and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage represented by the botanical gardens; the tourist use of this patrimony will allow its exploitation. The brand name will also facilitate the creation of a national and international network that will stimulate sustainable tourism.

Training Courses

  • 1 Technical workshop lasting 30 hrs for 20 agronomists aimed at protecting the veteran trees (maintenance and plant health care, pruning, stabilizing, etc..)
  • 1 Technical workshop lasting 60 hrs for 20 agronomists, architects and landscape designers aimed at the enhancement of botanical gardens and historic gardens.
  • 1 Technical workshop lasting 80 hrs for 20 manual workers  aimed at the training of in-height pruners, tree climbing operators, operators of obsolete plants in Italy.
  • Jardin Suisse will organize 1 Technical workshop lasting 80 hrs for 20 manual workers  aimed at the training of in-height pruners, tree climbing operators, operators of obsolete trees in Switzerland.