The project territory

“Magnificent view! At sunset we saw seven lakes. Believe me you can walk all over France and Germany, but you will never experience such feelings".
(Henry Beyle - Stendhal)

Those of Varese and Como are among the most beautiful provinces of Italy. Seen from above, they look like a green handkerchief dotted with blue: it is the harmony between these two colors, the blue of the lakes and the green of the forests, to characterize this province in an exclusive and unusual way in all seasons, especially in spring, when the green of the first buds contrasts with the white of the snow  or even in fall, when the leaves change into warmer  tones and the lakes soften their colors. It’s "water land" for its lakes and rivers and "green land" for its many wooded areas, parks and gardens, whether public or private.
Its geographical position, at the outlet of the Alpine valleys and between two important ways, the Simplon and the Gotthard, has undoubtedly influenced the social evolution of the people who have lived here, generation after generation. Trees are definitely one of the most important features of this territory. Rooted trees both in natural environments - and therefore native species - but also and especially in public or private gardens and parks. In this case we find mostly exotic trees of amazing variety and richness. So trees have to be considered as a resource of the territory and take advantage of it in tourism with a proper study of census, positioning and insertion in naturalistic itineraries, whose interest keeps growing.
The natural and environmental features are the peculiarity of this area.
With this project we want to give a stronger naturalistic characterization to the Insubrica region , a "green bridge" between Continental Europe and Mediterranean Europe.