MAI – Modern Arboriculture Institute – was founded in 2003, it is a private institute for research, study and dissemination of modern arboriculture and has its operational headquarters in Varese; Honorary President was dr. Alex Shigo,  known all over  the world as "the father of modern arboriculture". Current chairman is dr. Daniele Zanzi. MAI has many purposes: carry out experimental research and application in the urban arboriculture;  promote education in the field through activities, publications and whatever else, designed to disseminate the correct and ethical approach to the trees’ care; promote training courses, seminars, conferences and other actions; perform professional certification activities in the field of arboriculture; protect and preserve the local  flora and biodiversity. All these goals are pursued through projects and continuous international contacts, thereby encouraging the exchange and  the research on modern arboriculture and monumental trees.

Jardin Suisse Ticino is the association of professional gardeners of Ticino. It was founded in 1932 and is mainly interested in:

  • providing customers the highest professionalism and competence;
  • automatic membership to the Collective Labour Contract;
  • to ensure compliance with the advanced contractual rules;
  • updating their affiliates on new technologies;
  • promoting an ecological orientation of the activities on a professional level;
  • contributing to the vocational training of apprentices;
  • encouraging contacts among the members for an exchange of experiences.

The Association of Rural Development is an apolitical and non-profit organization. It was founded in 2001 within the experience I.C. ADAPT PHASE II ; it is associated with about 28 public bodies (Municipalities, Provinces and Mountain communities) in 9 different Italian regions and with 7 private national associations representing the agricultural, professional academic and category sector. It aims to promote sustainable local development (rural and upland) and encourages socio-economic growth of the local population, in line with other European countries standards. All this involving local actors and activating all the EU, national and regional opportunities.